About Us

Funky Monkey Photobooth is an idea that sprang from a match made in heaven...

The creative genius of a husband and wife team (a photographer and a rocket scientist) plus a little goofy imagination, plus years of experience in the wedding industry led to the creation of this fabulous opportunity or partythrowers everywhere.

We can't wait to provide this entertainment opportunity to your guests!

Not only is it a fun throwback kitschy way to add spice to your wedding, party, or family reunion-- it's a great way for friends to INSTANTLY have a few pictures printed of themselves together. We can even match the booth to your decor!

Whether it's your birthday party, your wedding, your office holiday party, a graduation celebration, or a faternity/sorority social event, a photobooth is the perfect way to have everyone leave with a unique "favor" that will be fun to share and compare even while guests are at the party! Instant conversation pieces, check!

The Monkeys:
Jack is an automation engineer specializing in programming and design. He enjoys planes, automobiles, making things go faster and run more efficiently.

Kasey is the owner and principal photographer of Monkey Tree Photography, specializing in wedding and portrait photography. Her hobbies include making things prettier, glitterier, and tastier.

Gig 'Em! Funky Monkey Photobooth is an Aggie-Owned business... but don't worry... we're a peaceful bunch and love Longhorns all the same (well, except maybe during football season). Kasey is the Aggie Grad-- Jack attended Linfield College in Oregon and Rensselear Polytechnic Institute in New York.

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