Booth Specifics

Your booth will require a space that's approximately four feet by eight feet, and will need to be within a resonable distance of an electrical outlet. It stands seven feet high, and is intended for indoor/covered area use. The booth itself is 4x6', but we require additional space for operation.

Guests enter the booth through a curtained area, have a seat on the bench inside, and press a button to begin. From there, operation is simple! The screen will prompt people to smile, make a funny face, etc. and count down to each snap of a picture. After six shots, guests will be directed to exit the booth, and their photos will be printed six-to-a-sheet in about 10 seconds.

We can provide silly props, a curtain to match your event decor, a photo backdrop of your choice, and even a customized template into which your guests' photos will print! Their instant momento can incorporate your event name and date, or whatever text you desire.

Our fee includes full delivery, setup, operation, and takedown of your photobooth along with a USB Stick containing all the images. A representative will be on hand to replenish the photo strip printer, assist guests with any questions, and assure that the booth is running properly at all times. Our goal is to provide a booth that requires no interaction on behalf of the event hosts!

One popular option is a scrapbook of images. Instead of one 4x6 that the guest keeps, the printout is two identical 2x6 strips; the guest keeps one and places the other in the scrapbook that they can sign and comment. After the event, if you'd like, we can post all of the photobooth images in an online gallery so that you or your guests can download or purchase additional copies of the prints, and see everyone else's prints.

2012 Funky Monkey Photobooth
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